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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 31, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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never heard it before. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am annan in for ainsley earhardt. >> hope you had a great weekend. thank you so much for starting your day and week with us. we begin with a fox news alert. a terminal at a new ark airport knocks down after he sneaks his way into a secure area. >> he tripped him with a briefcase. the suspect is now in custody under going an evaluation. he had a big silly grin he was laughing at himself as the officers walked him out. >> hundreds of travelers were evacuated after police had security sweeps. the terminal opened two hours lart. >> hundreds gathering to remember the lives of the texas deputy senselessly gunned down
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at a gas station. kelly wright is here with more. >> ron hickman tells fox news this senseless act of violence on a sheriff's deputy is one of the most shocking things he has ever seen. it happened friday night. he was in uniform at a gas sayings in a quiet suburban hughes stan neighborhood pumping gas into his patrol car, then the unthinkable happened. a man with a gun approached the deputy from behind ladies and gentlemenedly shooting him in the back and head. when he fell to the ground the gunman fired more shots into the 47-year-old deputy. he was a 10 year veteran a husband and father of two children. hundreds of people marched in a prayer walk to the gas station where he was killed. >> i just feel so bad for this man. he did not deserve this. this did not disease. it is not about color. it is about a human being.
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he has a family. he has a wife, children. >> police arrested this man shannon miles. he's accused of ambush ooing deputy goforth. they are trying to figure out why the shooting happened. authorities believe it may have been targeted killing, a war on cops. 21 officers this year have been shot and killed. >> we have heard black lives matter. all lives matter. officer's lives matter, too. why don't we just say lives matter. his mother is offering up an alibi for miles. she claims he was out shopping with her at the time of the shooting. an off duty philadelphia officer killed in a hit and run. lamar pool was riding his motorcycle when a car slammed into him. the 19-year-old veteran -- the
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19 year veteran was thrown from his bike. he was not wearing a helmet. witnesses say the driver got out, saw the crash and tried to get away. he didn't get far. his car was stopped by a tow truck driver who was driving nearby. police suspect he was driving under the influence. >> remembering the journalists gunned down by a crazed former co-worker on live tv. a weak is being held for wdbj professor adam ward. a reporter for allison parker is in the works. interface service general manager said both ward and parker's fun loving take on life. >> adam and allison saw it as their mission to awaken us to what was good and fun in life. adam many days would take a piece of candy and take a wrapper and hide it on the weather set to see if he could later see it on the air meaning leo has not found it. leo said he found one of those
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on wednesday. >> marks went on to speak about awareness to mental health issues. former wdbj lester flanagan gunned down parker and ward during a morning live shot and killed himself hours later. florida is bracing for impact as the remnants of tropical storm ericka fleetening residents with floash flooding. carol ann sooif lee will have more. >> the danger is not over yet. florida still under a state of emergency. between now and midweek we are expecting 2-4 inches of rain. here on the coast we could get 8 inches. >> we are vl some issues there with her signal. we will try to get back to her. >> a lot of folks breaking or
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rain. they are threaten to go make a mess for millions. >> maria molina is tracking their path. >> good morning. we are tracking ericka. we were tracking it all last week talking about it potentially becoming a hurricane the forecast continues to be bogged down and then the storm ended up dying across the caribbean through the republican haiti and forecasts out there. it is bringing impacts out there. we are going to continue to see the downpours not only today but tomorrow across parts of florida. we have concerns for flash flooding out here. be careful with that and isolated gusty winds from the storms. you can see the rain slide will continue as we head into
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wednesday with have i wide rainfall. as far as rainfall per expecting. that could produce clout conditions especially for miami. you can see the flood watches in effect in tampa, west palm beach into daytona beach. florida very active not only this morning but as we head into the next saw a few days. very far away from the u.s. right now and it looks like that storm k even lully weaken. sau so much maria. we will check back with you. >> american election awed quarters in the hillary clinton
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e-mail dan skal. rich is following the latest developments for us. he is live in washington p. good morning. >> good morning. the state department continues releasing to the public thousands of pages of e-mails from secretary of state hillary clinton. the federal state of bureau investigations is trying to find out how they got on her e-mail maintained in a private server. she never sent or received anything marked classified at the time. still they are jumping on that investigation san diegos>> no one is above the law. in the obama administration there has been going on for a long time in our country. she believes certain laws only apply to her. arrogant she won't even answer questions. >> clinton acknowledged using a
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private server for e-mails wasn't the best choice. she denies bracing laws -- the ryes closing in on many polls iowa. the she deserves a wide lead over second place bernie saventd ders. former secc -- >> i think it is very hard to win the presidency. the thing that characterizes both the senator's complaints and the trump campaign and the carson campaign is authenticity. the american people know the system isn't working. we are sick of politics as usual. biden is a very popular person. owes about as much mr. insider as you and me.
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authenticity verses world order. >> created some of the greatest movies of all time. >> you never told me your name. >> because i want to know what i am looking at. >> that opening scene director of films such as nightmare on elm street has died with a battle of brain cancer. ter pieing awed -- terrifying crowds with "last house on the left." craven was 76 years old. taylor swift is the big winner at the mtv video awards. it was most miley cyrus who stole the show. ♪ >> i guess for better or worse between her bizarre outfits of which there were many and surprise drop at the end of the show molly kept all of the
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attention on her with barely any twerking at all. >> there were other performances including a bombshell duet with nicki man knowledge and tayl-- i minaj and taylor swift. >> swift winning the biggest award video of the word plus two other moon moon chateaus. >> and she presented a lifetime achievement award to kanye west. >> what? >> he grabbed the mike from her at the 2009 vma's. all things forgiven of course. >> he announced his future plans. >> as you probably guess i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> wow. the president weston first lady kim any one. miley adding kanye definitely gets her vote. >> interesting.
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if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> hope your monday is off to a great start. american flag is at half staff at turner field in atlanta. a fan toppled 50 feet to the
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concrete below. >> this tragic loss is felt through out the country. our thoughts and prayers are are with the family. greg ace murrey was a diehard fan who kept track of every game. >> i am glad to see they paused the game. >> he fell over the upper deck right below us. oh my gosh. they have to stop the game. oh my gosh. >> the fall horrifying for the crowd saturday night. atlanta police say around 11:00 p.m. murrey fell from the upper deck and landed behind the terrace. he was a season ticket holder with the same seats for 26 years. >> the night he passed away. he was doing one of his favorite things, watching the braves. he ran the company insurance outlet with roswald outlet.
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he was a proud member of the sigma new fraternitfraternity. the latest fall at turner field is under investigation. >> this is an old stadium. perhaps with the new stadium they can make the rails even higher. this is the second time in two years i will take it back. this is the second time in two years a fan has fallen from the stands. >> our prayer the for that family today. a three time junior olympians dies weeks after a braver battle of a brain eating ameba. michael riley jr. came in to contact while swimming with track teammates. he ended up in the hospital with a swollen brain. another died earlier this month from the same infection.
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after being diagnosed with legionnaires disease five more have con twrakted the disease. 51 inmates are at san quinton. they are investigating the source of the disease. cooking is now suspended and the water is shut off. >> icons behaving badly on the appalachian trail. others are leaving trash behind having loud all night parties along the famous route. the problem will be tough to crack down on since policy varies by state. the trail has seen a boom of hikers since the release of the movie "heiled" starring reese witherspoon. >> time to brew on this. college students in for a rude awakening this semester about what they can and cannot say in class. >> they are threatening with words like illegal ill alien, male or female is used in class
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and in assignments. >> the professor says students risk threat of failure if this kind of oppressive and hateful language is used too often. >> in multi-cultural little rare reclass reads to do well in this class to experiencwith color. >> should they have the authority to punish students for using words they don't like? send us a message on facebook, twitter or e-mail us at fox n s the tallest mountain in north america is getting a new name. why the obama administration is changing the map. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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>> crowds shocked over this. another horrifying crash at an air show this time in europe. >> that pilot killed after attempting to complete a loop when he lost control nose-diving you can see near the crowd. this is an austria. it is unclear what went wrong. the rest of the festival has been canceled. >> this in the recent string of air show mishaps. a few weeks ago a stunt plane plunged into a busy road killing 11 people. there have been six deadly air show incidents around the world this month alone. >> vacation goers on a san diego
2:23 am
beach warned to stay out of the water after a second shark sighting in two-days. a hammer head shark was caught on video circling a group and then followed them into the beach showing aggressive behavior. yesterday minutes before a shark advisory was set to expire a kayaker who was fishing saw another hammer head shark off the shore. it was probablingby attracted be bloody fish waters. look at the shofrp washing out of the surf board. the surfer narrowly escaping a potentially deadly shark attack. wouldn't matter if it was aggressive behavior or not. i would get out of the water. a major recall issued for drivers why tires can rupture mid drive. >> lauren simonetti from our sister get work fox business with all the of the details. >> good morning. recalls to tell you about this morning as michelin is calling
2:24 am
back more than 100,000 vf goodrich tires because the sidewalls can rupture under severe use. relatively new ner shall and rugged terrain tires those used on rv's and heavy duty vans are covered by the recall. customers will get letters in the mail next week. >> in flight wi-fi prices doubling. this as the top provider go go raises its prices on many transcontinental routes. the relief might come next year as go go upgrades the technology. at the box office this weekend straight out of the box office for the third week bringing the box office totals to more than $130 million now topping walk the line. in second place this weekend the new christian drama war room debuting with an impressive $11 million. mission impossible bringing in $8.3 million.
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shopping while drinking. a chicago target could soon be the company's first store to offer booze befr rajs. t -- beverages. the company applying for a liquor license. serving alcohol to shoppers good for business or recipe for disaster. log on to fox friends first facebook page with #shop it. >> incredible, they throw a no hitt hitter leading to a victory over c . he has thrown his first career no hitter. >> the pitcher mobbed teammates
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at the mound. it this is the 6th no hitter and the second against the la dodgers in 10 days. >> in little league japan taking the top spot as the world series champion. >> p on the ground is short. japan is your little legal world series happens. it was the largest over come deficit in any little league series game. giving japan its 10th title. >> congratulations. the time now is 126 after the top of the ho-- 26 after the to hour. a college education has sympathy for the 9-11 hijackers. who thought it was a good idea? watching reporters bug out live on the air after an insect
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if chantix is right for you.
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>> a texas dpeputy killed execution style just for wearing a badge. >> you hear black lives matter all lives matter. cops matters, too. let's drop the qualifier and say lives matter. >> they try to pull together the suspect in the cold blooded murder. >> an incredible story of survival. a women missing in the wilderness for nine days found alive. how she got the attention of rescue crews that saved her life. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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oo live picture from orlando, florida as you wake up this morning. thank you for joining us right here on "fox & friends first". i am anna kooiman in for ainsley earhardt. we begin with a fox news alert this monday. a man sneaks his way into a secure hallway and leads police on a chase. >> you can see the suspect lying on the ground. the man who took the photo says he tripped him with a briefcase. the sucks respect now in custody under going an evaluation. >> as he was being marched out he had a big grin laughing as the officers walked him out. >> hundreds of travelers were evacuated as police conducted
2:32 am
second sweeps. >> tragic. hundreds gather to show their support for the texas deputy gunned down while simply bumping gas. kelly wright is here with the developing story. >> the sheriff deputy is heartbreaking with so many people. this shooting is the most shocking things he has ever seen. it happened friday night he was in a uniform. a quiet area darren goforth was bumping gas. a man approached the deputy from behind allegedly shooting him in the back and head. when goforth fell to the ground he fired more shots into the deputy. he was a 10 year veteran husband and father of two children. he was loved by many people who
2:33 am
joined in a prayer walk sunday to the gas station where he was killed. >> very tragic this had to happen. he was a really good guy. really good officer. there are people in the world that think all cops are bad. it's not true. that's always going to be bad apples in the force but he wasn't one of those. >> police raised shannon miles accused of killing goforth. they are trying to determine why it happened. it may have been a targeted killing, a war on cops they say. 21 officers have been shot and killed. it is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcement. there are a few bad appleings in every profession. that does not mean that there should be open car fair declared on law enforcement. >> the suspect shannon miles will be arraigned on capitol murder charges. his mother is offering up an
2:34 am
alibi with miles. she claims he was on top. remember the journalist funned down on live tv. wdbj member cal. at an interpait service both telling ward and partner's money loving take on life. >> they saw as their mission to awaken us to what was goods and fun in life. adam would take a piece of candy take a wrapper and hide tonight weather set to see if he could later see it on the air meaning leo had knotted found it. leo says he found one of those on wednesday. >> really hard top understand. marks went on to speak about awareness to mental health issues.
2:35 am
former reporter vester flanagan gunned down parker and ward during a morning live shot and killed himself hours later. >> 34 minutes after the hour. the remnant of tropical storm heading toward residents. they are bracing for floor flooding and heavy winds. >> hurricanes made waves on both coasts. good morning maria. >> good morning heather and anna. the incredible satellite we showed there we have a lot of activity in the tropics in the atlantic and across the pacific ocean. the big story was erica. the storm fizzled out. a lot of the moisture is moving across parts of florida and across the carolinas. locally 3 inches of rainfall in
2:36 am
some of the areas. the one bit of good news is we have drought conditions as well. this will bring drought relief from florida. you can see watches in tampa and the northeast. we have our other storm systems. i go macio a very powerful storm. it is taking it away from the islands. we will keep tracking it for you. healths led over to anna. >> thousands of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server being leased as the gop rivals go on the attack on the sunday shows. rich edson live from washington. good morning rich. >> good morning. heather.
2:37 am
they are in the middle of a public review and release of e-mails during her time as secretary of state. this as the federal bureau of investigation to clinton how classified information made its way on to the server. the continued e-mail controversy is drawing public attention away from donald trump and immigration and criticizing clinton. >> she won't even answer questions. you heard her yesterday with ed henry. she asked three -- asked three questions and she said i will answer one because that's what you deserve. >> she is sworn to a federal judge she is turned over all of her work related e-mails. i fear we have to go to chien freeze and russians to see her e-mails. she denies any wrong doing. she said using a private server for department e-mails wasn't the best choice.
2:38 am
>> he is leading certain knee sanders. they still has a clanking league nationally in the polls. mart kin owe ball me in hot water after getting big discount after buying furniture go the governors. paid 5,000 for furniture that walled 62,000 dollars. mckinley is out and denali is in. president obama changing the name of the tallest houn tan in north america in honor of the indigenous people. it is being switched from mount mckinley to the original name of denali meaning the high one. that has ohio law americas fuming saying the landmark is a
2:39 am
testament to the republican president years of service to our nation. not sure how he can do that but we will see. >> taylor swift because the big winner but it was miley cyrus who stole the show. ♪ >> miley's bizarre and revealing outfits ensuring she kept the spotlight through out the evening. nicky minaj helped with that calling out cyrus as she accepted the award for the hip hop video. >> had a lot to say about me in the press. >> it is all a show. miley shrugging off the insult moving on with the show which inevitably got political. >> i am honored. >> after receiving an award with taylor swift now they are friends.
2:40 am
kanye west made a declaration. >> as you could probably guess by this moment i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> what do you think president west and first lady kim any one. miley says kanye gets her vote. the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up a college he had station runs into simply for most workers. >> the two health stories hacked lose your life. the wild chase caught on camera.
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oo will oo welcome back. the tomorrow universities will learn about the 9-11 attacks through the eyes of the terrorists instead of the victims the. the freshman seminar class literature of 9-11 sympathizes with the terrorists making america a greedy i am embarrassed i attended unc. public books and poetry written by guantanamo bay detainees. the purple playground staying put. missouri family just won their fight to keep the brightly colored swing set in their backyard. the homeowner's association threatened them with jail time over the set. >> it cost every resident in the community a lot of money and reputation and if anything it lowered home values. it has been what goes on. >> the hoa claimed they never got approval to build the sing sweat and the colors weren't in
2:45 am
army with the rest of the community. >> oh, come on. incredible story of survival. a hiker rescued nine days after she went missing. brian guinness has the story. >> when she set out to hike with a group 10 days ago it was only supposed to be for the afternoon, that is until she got separated from the sierra club a group she had never hiked with before. har wood found herself alone in the middle of the sierra national forest 100 miles northwest of fresno, california. she had minimal supplies and food and only enough for a one-day hike in the mountain. to make matters worst the 62-year-old broke some bones the day she got separated still she found a way to survive. >> she had a water filter filter she crawled from where she was
2:46 am
down do a creek. took her two-days to do that. har wood heard rescuers nearby. using her whistle she got their attention and was air lifted to the kpt searchers hiked 19 miles to find her. she is in stable condition recovering. h she is extremely thankful people were looking for her. anna, heather? >> a lot of resill zens -- resilience. they won the minor league baseball team wondering who let the dog out. ♪ >> this adorable dog making a run for it on to the field following a wiener dog race in el paso. he didn't win but still stole the show running wild while people tried to grab him left and right. he was finally tuckered out.
2:47 am
>> he was just chasing the ball. >> the time now is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. al house burned to the ground the family pet now being blamed for the blaze. >> the story behind this marine surprise that will have you proud to be an american. let check in with brian kilmeade a proud american with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> more on the texas sheriff deputy and black lives matter protesting celebrating had i see death. it happened in minnesota. bret baier will be here live. larry stab no will be here live and lindsay davenport talks. it is today. don't miss a minute.
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>> hi, friends, good morning. florida bracing for impact as the remnants of tropical storm erika barrel toward the coast. >> residents facing flash floods as another storm gains strength in the atlantic. >> we have more from florida. >> the danger here certainly isn't over. the entire state of florida is under a state of emergency. we are expecting anywhere between 2 to 4 inches of rain, maybe een 8 inches of rain here on the gulf coast. that is a lot of water to take in at any time, but especially when your front yard looks like this. thanks to six week of steady heavy rain, this is a front yard or used to be a stront yard until that rain started coming in here in parts of pasco county. bass lake used to start 100 yards that way and now it's brought in through here, it's brought in cottonmouth snakes,
2:52 am
and alligators, a nine footer was pulled out of this yard earlier this week. take a look at this boat. this boat floated from the yard all the way up to the house. the water has receded a bit, but if you get 2 to 4 to 8 more inches, all of that rain is going to be falling down on that swampy area that you see now. it's going to be a tough one. back to you. >> 8 minutes before the top of hour. after breakfast, take a stroll. you could add years to your life. a brisk 25-minute walk could add seven years to your life span every stinl day. it could reduce your risk of heart attack by half, it will reduce the effects of did he mean that. there's no shame in napping.
2:53 am
no shame. a nap in the middle of the day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your chance of a heart attack. >> i wonder if there's a limit on that. >> seven minutes before the top of the hour. bad grades for saying words like illegal alien or male or female. it's happening at one school. is that okay? your emails next. watch a reporter totally bug out on live tv after an insect crashes his live shot. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful.
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go gator.
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>> three minutes till the top of the hour, before you leave the house here's what's happening for you today. the man accused of gunning down a texas cop execution style at a gas station will face a judge. shannon miles is charged with capital murder in the depth of deputy darryn goforth. more potential bomb shells could come out regarding the email scandal with hillary clinton. and tom brady and good dell could come back to work regarding deflate gate.
2:58 am
and maria share apova pulle out of the u.s. open because of a leg injury. and a touching reunion on the football field. so cool. st. louis rams cheerleader and marine lieutenant was shocked to see her husband pop up after being stationed in korea. next, the bad, what a catastrop catastrophe. the ugly, when a bug attacks on live tv. >> what is that? that's because it's hot outside, stuff like that happens. was that live? are we live?
2:59 am
oh, brother. >> it's just a bug! san diego's weather guy brad willis screaming his head off when a bug flies too close for comfort. time now for your brew on this responses, at least three professors at washington state university are threatening to fail students who use words like illegals, male or female in class or assignments, so why? it's apparently oppressive and hateful language. that's what they say. >> should professors have the authority to punish students for using words they don't like? >> this is america. the words are in the dictionary. we were taught in school to write those words. nobody has the right to tell us what words we can and cannot use. >> professors should teach, not force their own particular ie deloling on to students. >> how does the teacher feel about the words unpaid leave or
3:00 am
unemployed? >> seems everyone is to worried about a few that they are forgetting the majority. >> let's start talking about target serving alcohol to shoppers. good for business or recipe for disaster? #keep talking. shoet starts right now. today is monday, august 31st, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you now. a sheriffs deputy shot in the head simply for wearing his uniform. this morning, the suspected killer will show his face in court and he's already got an excuse. and hillary clinton server troubles about to get a whole lot worse with a brand-new round of email about to be released, her real problem could be the elderly socialist bernie sanders. we've got details. a mom forgets a two-month-old baby in a shopping cart, drives home and doesn't return for


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